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The Math 2 exam is one of the two or three Subject Tests required by most top schools.

But a “good score” (upper 600’s) is often not enough, especially when other factors on the student’s transcripts don’t meet the median statistics for incoming accepts.

With stakes this high, and students so busy with all the other aspects of both their applications and their lives, there’s enormous value in knowing what help you most need before you plan your preparation.

Get on the right track with a free Math 2 diagnostic test.

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Our analysis method measures not only aptitude, but also levels of both comfort and focus in our simulated test environment. Students see the effects of their habits and outlook right away.

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We test for math knowledge, exam knowledge, and self-knowledge. Our report gives your student a clear path to shoring up his or her area of greatest risk.

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…when your student shows up. We ask for a $50 deposit when you sign up, and we refund the deposit in full when your student arrives on test day.

About our SAT Math 2 Diagnostic

Our test is an official College Board exam. Our analysis is ours and is “open-source.”

The exam will be held on Saturday, June 17 from 10 AM – 1 PM.

Wes’s classroom is located in the Berkeley Wells Fargo Building at 2081 Center St, Berkeley, CA 94704 (a 30 second walk from the Downtown Berkeley BART station).

What does a student gain from a mock exam?

Unlike most Standardized Tests, this one is tough. A diagnostic test will show you the difference between a “good” score (not enough to get you into a top engineering program) to a “great” score (the points you need to get into the likes of MIT). As Wes has learned from 10 years of coaching and instructing, knowing the math is not enough; a student must know how math is tested and how one behaves in a high stakes situation. As anyone can tell you, practice makes perfect, so what better way to prepare for the real thing than a simulated test?

What's covered on the diagnostic exam?

Using official College Board materials and proprietary analysis tests shared with Bodsat Prep, our diagnostic test will show you how strong you are in math knowledge, test knowledge and self knowledge.

What are the next steps after the exam?

Once we provide your student with scores from the diagnostic (delivered by e-mail a week after the exam), we’ll provide feedback on how well your student performed and where they need to improve. Depending on the outcome, we may recommend a one-on-one sit down with Wes to discuss preparation strategies to be considered before the actual Math 2 exam date. Your student may benefit from Wes’s private Subject Test sessions or our Math 2 Subject Test Classes, hosted by Wes himself.

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