Cultivating Ingenuity

I create a deep understanding of math and physics through a combination of expert content, expert process, and plain old empathy.


How is Wes different?

Most teachers and tutors aren’t well-equipped to keep up with their questions, nor can they jump outside the bounds of the material itself and handle issues that frequently come up for students: time management, reducing pressure, and optimizing both focus and self-care. My partners and I specialize in nurturing these strengths in our students and help parents reinforce good study habits after the sessions are complete.

Our flexible scheduling options allows for in-person sessions or tutoring via video-conferencing, allowing us to help families across all time zones.

SAT Subject Tests

Let us help your student get perfect scores on the Math 2 and Physics Subject Tests.

Math Competition Coaching

Math competitions provide students with unique avenues for entrance into some of the best schools in the country.

Online Courses

Get in-depth preparation, without having to schedule one-on-one sessions (SAT Math 2 only, for the moment).


Let us help your student go beyond acing exams, and start thinking like an expert.

Academic Assistance

We help make real sense of tough homework and exams, even in advanced courses likeĀ APs and IBs.

Give your student the skills to succeed in school and beyond.


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