SAT Math 2 class: Summer 2017

Earn a perfect score in a collaborative atmosphere.

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The best prep for serious students.

Top US engineering schools require applicants to ace the Math 2 SAT Subject Test.

But the Math 2 test challenges a student’s critical thinking skills in ways that most other standardized tests (and most math classes) do not. High-quality preparation resources for this specialized test are hard to find.

Getting the right help is an essential part of getting a perfect score.

Get the right help with Wes.

Small class sizes

Real one-on-one time with Wes Carroll, the area’s pre-eminent Math 2 coach, plus the motivational benefits of having a close cohort.

Emphasis on performance

Knowing the math isn’t nearly enough. Wes’s diagnostic tests and mock exams maximize preparedness for test day, no matter what.

24/7 guidance

Classes come with a subscription to Wes’s online test prep platform, so students get the most out of their between-sessions homework.

Class dates

Six consecutive Tuesdays, 10am to 1pm, July 18 – August 22.

(This class prepares students for the August 26 SAT Math 2 Subject Test and beyond.)

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About the class

Over these six weeks, a small cohort of students will work together in an intensive seminar-style review and learning environment, complete with significant solo and online work, and five practice tests.


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About the teacher

Wes Carroll has been a full-time private tutor for fifteen years. He co-founded Bodsat Prep, besting national average test gains for gifted students by a factor of seven. He left Bodsat in 2015 to devote himself to the math needs of gifted students.


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About the results

Students entering with a score of 600+ should expect to gain 100+ points.
Students entering with a score of 700+ should expect to gain 50+ points.


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Why work with Wes?

For success on this test, students need a difficult-to-achieve combination of skills: genuine content fluency through precalculus, calculator expertise, analysis skill, reliable pacing, self-monitoring, and emotion management.  There’s too much there to admit a single recipe for success. What you need is expert help across all these domains.

I start with a thorough assessment: What do they already know about the material? When do they like to study? Do they experience anxiety around tests? Are they meticulous? For how long they can concentrate without losing focus? What frustrates them most about particular problems?

Students teach me their preferred learning style, and then I teach them to use their natural strengths to excel.

Which test date should I pick?
Most students are best-served by taking the exam in August, October or May. But it can get complicated. Get in touch so I can help you work out the best date for your student.
When should I prepare?

Our classes start with a mock test seven weeks before the August test date, which means that you should schedule before summer vacation starts, so you can prepare during part of July and most of August.

If you miss the signup window, please get in touch anyway.  Between private prep, our class waitlist, and later test dates, you still have options for getting the help you need.

The right prep is just one click away.


The class costs $1195, which includes all materials.

Once we receive the information below, we will invoice you for a $495 deposit, receipt of which will complete your registration.  The balance will be due at the first meeting. 

If you have been referred to us, make sure you include the referrer’s name, as you may be eligible for a $200 discount.

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