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Math 2 diagnostic test

Discover your shortest prep path for the most difficult SAT Subject Test. Free; recommended for June 2017. Learn more >>>

One-on-one Math 2 tutoring

With or without a diagnostic, let me help you get a perfect score on the Math 2 by working with you individually. Learn more >>>

Math 2 class

Or, choose comprehensive Math 2 preparation with a cohort of motivated students. Learn more >>>

The best prep for serious students.

Many universities now require applicants to ace the Math 2 SAT Subject Test. But the “Math 2” challenges your critical thinking skills in ways that most other standardized tests (and most math classes) do not.

Truly expert preparation for this specialized test is hard to find, but it’s often the essential “missing piece” standing between a student and a perfect score.

Let's find the right program together.

About the programs

My diagnostic tests, classes, and private programs all start well before every testing period.

Please plan early, so that you can prep wisely.

Let's find the right program together.

Which program should I pick?

It depends on the needs of your student. Let’s schedule a quick consultation to talk through your prep options. Please introduce yourself through the form below so we can schedule a call.

Why work with me?

For success on this test, you need a difficult-to-achieve combination of skills: genuine content fluency through precalculus, calculator expertise, analysis skill, reliable pacing, self-monitoring, and emotion management.  There’s too much there to admit a single recipe for success. What you need is expert help across all these domains.

I start with a thorough assessment: What do you already know about the material? When do you like to study? Do you experience anxiety around tests? Are you attentive to detail? For how long can you concentrate without losing focus? What frustrates you most about particular problems?

You show me your preferred learning style, and then I teach you to use your natural strengths to excel.

When should I prepare?

We should start work six to sixteen weeks before your chosen test date.

Fill out the form below as soon as you can, so that I can help you set up the right prep plan.

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